What are you doing on your summer vacation?
Will you be spending more, or less time on the Internet?
What are your plans, teachers and students?
Travel? Work? Surf? Relax?

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Ah vacation! Usually we put so many good intentions ....
Password: rest. and then the sea, sea, sea, no matter that is dear old and not an Adriatic seas agencies holidays!
Sea to swim, read, observe how the world around me runs and speaks, speaks ...
Maybe I can even write a new book ....
Happy holidays to you! :)
Wow! Can you actually write a book during a summer vacation? I am so envious...
during the holidays I have more time to let go of the mind behind thoughts that then become inspiration and finally ....history :)
Turn my brain off for a few days-it's burning.
Go to the pool, to use my membership there.
Meet my friends- I wasn't doing it enough during the year.
and it doesn't mean we'll stop walking togther! ^^
you'll get me in shape...



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