European project digital language learning, please help.

r.e. GLOSSA – Advancing the teaching and learning of less widely taught European languages

GLOSSA is a European Union education project under the LifeLong Learning Program. The project is for language educators and authorities across Europe. It is building methodologies, practices and courses specifically to help develop language learning and teaching for the less widely taught languages of Europe. This is being completed by:
• Building methodologies for learning in online environments (advanced levels & autonomous)
• Developing a Greek e-learning multimedia courses at C1 & C2 (CEFR)
• Creating transferability to other European languages
• Developing a common European professional profile for language teachers
• Adapting an accreditation tool for non-formal and informal language teaching skills

We would be very grateful if language educators can help the project by answering some questions about online language courses. The questions will be used to plan out online course methodologies. On the link below you will find a short questionnaires for teachers and students (about 3 questions) and also a much longer questionnaire, again for teachers and students select Link

Thank you for your help with this.

You can find much more information on the project website at:
You can also respond to this newsletter on the website or using the email below.

Thank you and best wishes
Kostas Diamantis Balaskas (Project coordinator)
Athens, Greece

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