It seeems that exam cheating in the bac for Moroccan students using the new ICT mobiles is a fashion.To know how to use the bluetoothe service and the quick service of mms or sms students can easily get answers from far through the net.Is it fair in comparison with those who fail only because they don't know how to manipulate the game?

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Of course it's not fair. But firstly, I think that the problem here is with University system, because in Lithuania during the exam you can't use your phone and all the stuff you brought must be left behind the door. Plus, we take an exam about 30 students in the same class, sitting seperated by more than one meter. Moreover, we get from 2 to 3 lectures, whose are guaranteering the safety. And finally, if they catch you cheatting - you get 1 from exam and you have no possibilities to try it again (just after a year). So, rules puts everything in one place. But if you ment, that other should know how to cheat during the exam with a mobile phone - I'm sorry :)

Dear Wind

Thanks for the comment.But rules can never put an end to human defects.Cheating is a sin for some students who can't do without.Lazy students-especially those running for their baccalaureate- become creative in the field of cheating by inventing various methods and ways of cheating.

I don't get this then. Are you happy of your students being creative, or are you sad because they are cheatting? Of course that rules can ''put an end to human defects (?)'', if people accept them not as the thing, which bans something, but as the thing, which let them grow.

In France, we had a problem and a kind of scandal last year when a student put online the topic of an examination BEFORE the examination for french baccalaureate :-)

You can read this article for example

Another issue is aroused here by Mr Armando is that talking in the toilet is considered superstitiously bad by the religion.How can one student talk at the presence of the satan and bad spirits inside the closet?



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