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This discussion and questionnary is based on the work of Philip and his chinese students on his blog... Feel you free to give answers for your own country !

1) Currently, more and more Chinese are becoming concerned about their
health problems! Books and health-related TV shows constantly show how
people can stay healthy and remain in good health. In order to have good
health, people don’t care what it will cost! Americans must feel the
same about this as Chinese people!

2) In ancient times, people in China had no access to western medicine and
an advanced armamentarium (the tools available to doctors).
Concurrently with the advance of science and technology we imported
western medicine. So almost in every city, China has both hospitals of
traditional Chinese medicine and of western medicine! Many Americans
know something about the traditional Chinese medicine, such as

3) What is the relationship between doctors and hospitals in your country?  How are hospitals different in small or large cities?

4) Do you see the same doctor each time you need treatment? From the news
and books, we Chinese have the sense that everyone in the USA have their
own personal doctor, and especially dentist; is it right? Dulu wants
Sedgehead to talk about America’s hospitals!

5) How does health insurance work in your country?

6) Who is responsible to make sure the patient gets good treatment while in the hospital?  In many poor countries, the patient family actually cares for the patient while they are in a hospital.  In the US, things are different and the patient may be the only one responsible for his or her hospital bill.  What are the advantages and disadvantages of each system?

7) Do people in your country seek out famous doctors or hospitals?

8) How are medicines paid for in your country?  Is the price higher for some people than for others?

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1. Like in many countries, health problems are often linked with questions of appearance and physical beauty. There is a big pressure, specially on women, about it. They want to control their weight... Every summer, women follow diets to get thiner, before going to the beaches. Here are some covers of latest releases in french women press:

Nutritionists are very fashion. Their books are best-sellers

The main problem is to encourage sports and healthy habits about food. To fight against obesity, we have many campaigns. For example:

In France we have around 10 % of the population affected by obesity (USA: around 30 %)

But maybe the most dangerous is the opposite situation, with anorexia, because teenagers want to imitate top models. So we had also recently a campaign about anorexia:

2. Unfortunately for us in France, the great traditionnal chinese medicine is not officially recognized in France. I mean that there is no diploma or global academic training, about acupuncture for example. What a shame !!! So you can find acupuncturists, but you can't be sure if he's a good one or a crook... In the same time we have in France the only medicine university in Europe giving a traditionnal chinese medicine training (since 1997): this diploma was created in partnership with chinese government. You need to have a medicine or pharmacy major to follow this teaching. Students learn also some basics about chinese language and chinese civilization, during two years. Student s have to write a report during a third year. Only 20 students by year get this official diploma...
Yes, but fortunately you have in France the best doctors from Romania, who desperate about the low salaries, the poor technology and others accept your offer and leave the medical system of Romania which is ruined. All you can do in Romania is to pray God not to become ill because in our hospitals they give you not only an aspirin...Because they don't have...
At the level of individual the fact that everyone can go everywhere to work and live might be good. But at the level of nations the definition of globalization is perfect: The rich will become richer and the poor will become poorer!
Da, dar ce sa facem, cum sa facem....revolutia ?!
Nu , nici o revolutie nu va mai avea loc.. Sistemul a devenit acela care se dorea sa fie. Vincent vorbea undeva de neo-capitalism. Eu spun neo-colonialism...Pentru ca resursa umana este cea mai mare bogatie a unei tari pe care poti pune mana...Din pacate si eu sunt complicea acestui sistem, incurajandu-mi fiul sa studieze si sa ramana in alta tara. Si crede-ma ca pentru Mihai am aceleasi planuri. Asa ca, in ceea ce ma priveste, stii avem noi o vorba la romani:"ciocul mic..!"



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