Hello from Azerbaijan,Ismailly school#1 named after I.Hasanov

Hello dear friends!

I want to share some information with you!

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About Azerbaijan


Azerbaijan is one of the oldest countries in the world, with a rich and ancient history. A state system formed in the 9th century B.C. The Manna state reached high economic and cultural levels. The Medes conquered Manna in the first part of the 6th century B.C. The name of the country comes from the name Atropatena ruler –Atropat. Later it became Azerbaijan. In the 5th century B.C. the Azerbaijan state became strong again. In the medieval centuries the Gara goyunly, ag goyunly and Sefevids  states were in power. In the 18th century a number of independent states – khanates appeared. May 28, 1918 is the day of  establishing the Independent Azerbaijan Republic. It lived for only 23 months. Troops of the 11th Red Army came to Baku. In December, 1992 Azerbaijan bcame a part of the former USSR. In 1991 Azerbaijan gained its independence again. It opened a new stage in the history of  Azerbaijan.       

Baku is the capital and the largest city of Azerbaijan. It is on the southern shore of the Apsheron peninsula. The origin of the name Baku comes from “bad kube”-“city of winds”.   

The center of Baku is the old town. It is also a Fortrss. In the old town you can see narrow alleys and ancient buildings: the palace of of Shirvanshahs, two caravansarays (ancient inns),the 11th century Maiden’s Tower,  the baths and the Djuma Mosque. The town also has dozens of small mosques. These places are among the most visited sights in Baku. 

  The southern part of the old city has interesting art and architecture. Fine arts, history and literature museums are here. 

  Modern Baku has eleven districts and 48 townships.  Among these are townships on islands in the bay and one island town, “Oil Rocks”, built on stilts in the Caspian Sea . 



 This is "Qiz_Qalasi" the tower in Baki.




                                            About our school

Our school name is school #1 named after Israil Hasanov. He is a scientist from our region that is why our school carries his name. Our school is founded in 1961. There are 1291 students and 140 teachers in our school. 671 of them are boys, 620 of them are girls. The first principal of our school was Israil Hasanov.  Our school is very big. It is situated in the center of the region. We have very good, innovative and kind teachers at our school. Our school looks like a letter H. Our school is public. We have got a uniform at our school. The director and the parents designed our school uniform. Girls wear white blouse and black skirt; the boys wear white shirt and black trousers. In winter we wear suits. We have morning and afternoon classes. Morning classes are from 8 till 1 o’clock; afternoon classes are from 1 till 6 o’clock. We have a canteen at our school and we have lunch there. Every year lots of students enter universities from our school. Our students participate in many projects. The main thing is that they participate in these projects in English.

       We love our school and hope that you will like our school.


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Thank you Parvana for sharing info about your country and school. It was nice to meet you and your students in videoconference!

I hope we'll meet again :)

Thank You Grazina,I am very happy to know a good person,friend as you!

Thanks you and Vincent for your support and kind welcoming to"SchoolBeyond the Walls" Project too!

I am planning to make a poetry video conference with Vincent and hope you also be there.

See you soon))))))))))



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