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BRITISH COUNCIL. Elementary Podcasts

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Learning English with Misterduncan (HD) 1 réponse

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Business Idioms 36/50 sur YouTube

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Informatique : Lexique - cours

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Commentaire de ROSARIO ARAIZ le 5 février 2011 à 4:21

Hi every one,

I am going to start with a question:How babies do to learn how to speak?

Start to act like a baby it worked for most of them!lol

Some years ago i moved to NYC, in my luggage a poor english from school: a lot of grammar and no time for comunication.

The first day I went out to buy a MAP, the guy showed me where the MOPS where!!!

As I am a language teacher i applied to my self "THE BABY METHOD"


Here was my plan:every day I was supposed to LISTEN: i used the music by reading, sometimes even singing the lirics at the same time; it is easier to understand by reading  than simply by listenning.

I watched dvds in english with the subtitles in english as well; it improves ways to express your self, vocabulary ans most of it comprehension with the help of images and subtitles.

My radio was constantly on at home;at first the chats were "lovely music" I could not understand, then I was able to distinguish the different words and recognize some of them, very quicky when my ear becomes used to it, I could understand the main purpose.And progressively,I was catching nuances and sense of humor.

Every day i was supposed to talk to at least one new person(NYC is probably one of the biggest collection of accents) and try to use new things; shopping became my playground.

The last exercice was to call information services.

All of these suggestions can be done through new technologies.

Check out, if you don't have the possibility to travel, let the travelers come to you!

You can host them or just spend some time together and show them your city.

Commentaire de sonia.N le 31 décembre 2008 à 19:15
Bonjour je voudrai m'approfondir en englai pour plus tard pouvoir aller en anglai!
Commentaire de Clarisse P le 18 décembre 2008 à 20:47
Oh,hello Ellen!
I'm Clarisse I speak English Monsieur Mepoulet is a super teacher !
Commentaire de Mamadou SOW le 14 novembre 2008 à 13:15
Hello everybody I want ask one question only
I want do it in french
je voulais savoir si la meilleur maniere d'apprendre une langue c'est de la parler plus souvent et de l'entendre parler
je veux seulement avoir votre point du vu sur cette question
moi je pense fortement que si une personne veux parler une langue il doit la parler plus souvent
donc je propose si c'est possible des conversations entre nous enfin d'ameleorer notre apprentissage a moins si ça existe sur le site et que je ne suis pas au courant si oui svp diter le moi.
Commentaire de Mamadou SOW le 29 octobre 2008 à 21:29
I 'm very happy to learn English with you Ellen
Commentaire de Anne G le 10 octobre 2008 à 9:37
Hello !
N'ayant jamais fait d'anglais!.Eh oui! alllemand appris en 1ère langue et russe en seconde (depuis mes 9 ans j'avais décidé avec une copine on m'a laissé faire!))pour la 3 ème langue, espagnol(section A 2: 3 langues).J'ai fait du" néerlandais renforcé" à la fac( mais je n'ai jamais pu apprendre cette langue par la suite(dans le milieu scolaire,j'endends).Je la trouve musicalement très jolie mais archi-compliquée à parler et à prononcer!.En plus,,étant un peu(voire beaucoup) "larguée" avec la compréhension du vocable l'informatique ,,je me lance...
Commentaire de Vincent Mespoulet le 8 septembre 2008 à 13:01
Thank you Ellen, my new kids will be registered on next Thursday/Friday. No doubt you'll use your VTs
Commentaire de Vincenzina Pace le 14 avril 2008 à 16:39
Wow,Ellen! I like american music: Bob Dylan, Brian Ferry par example...Mais tout le pop rock en general.
Commentaire de mary rizzo le 13 avril 2008 à 11:51
Ellen, you are absolutely right that what is necessary is the courage to just spit the words out! I don't mean to instil a sense of panic, that there is only one way of speaking a language and that it must be perfect is totally untrue! Each person is a language him or herself! And this is what makes it all so fun and beautiful to meet new people.

My comment was only to show an example of the most audible (it's not written, so this is the difference) between UK English and US English. Ummm is used like Errr is in the UK or eeeeh in Italian! But US English has introduced a lot of these "filler words", and it think it is because our teachers used to say... "NO UM!"
Commentaire de Vincenzina Pace le 12 avril 2008 à 15:14
ah je ne sais rien d'anglais, rien de rien d'anglais américain: mais je cherche comprendre quelque chose à l'aide des chansons qui j'aime

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