Lithuania according to the scale of emigration are the EU leaders

Lithuania's most striking problem is—excess emigration! The literacy rate is nearly 100%, but there's a paradox to this high level of education. Unlike Mexico, which endeavors to export its untended poor, many skilled Lithuanians have gone West. Indeed, not only do Lithuanians with high skills leave to get higher pay abroad, but this flight has also taken working class people such as truck drivers, waitresses and supermarket clerks. (The US doesn't benefit from this emigration because the infamous 1965 Immigration Act in effect discriminates against Europeans and in favor of the less-assimilable Third World.)>>>

Lithuania: Where Emigration Is The Problem, Not Immigration

Shall i? (Ar Verta?) Documentary Trailer from Igor Drozdov on Vimeo.


Seems like a simple question, but the answer is not that obvious. Each individual comes from somewhere, goes places, and sooner or later he has to make a decision – where to stay. What stops one staying in his homeland, Lithuania, and what forces to move abroad? What one has to put on the scales in order to be happy?

Coming up soon: a film exploring Lithuanian emigrant's dilemma - Is it worth coming back home?

Where is your home?



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hmm, très intéressant ce film sous-titré et ce lien, merci ma Grazou :-)
Well Grazina, every single thing announced in your first movie is valid for Romania too. All the problems, the difficulties, people's worries, even the behavior or hopes...It's amazing!



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