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let us to work together
Hi Majed, thank yo to send us these first pics... You can also upload them with Photos Tab, then gather pics in an album, if you want, then embed the album inside this group. I will invite here Ziad, Luisella, Sawsan and many othr friends to work with us about what we can do for culture and education about Gaza...
Vincent I have an idea: to send to the Majed children some photos and history of our land in two or three language, in French, in English and they translate in arab. I have in mind an interactive learning between them and we, so they are learning and teaching in the same time. Every person join a new little peace, as an history in building. I will interest children in new things and I will they find a personal expression to comunicate to us their point of view, their dream, their emotions, their hope, their possible and impossible (just only now, we have to do possible all) future. What do you think, Vincent and Majed?
i agree with you Luisella... I explained to Majed that we have first to create stronf relationsships between kids where they are in equality teachers and learners... and it's easy to do beacuase children are generous... We ave many things to share between us, so let's dot it !
Wonderful photos, Majed! I know, the first is of today, but you have to change the program date in your new camera!
I love children with designes and other in the dance group!
لي ولبلدي كلية سيساعدك كنت سعيدا للعب الأطفال من خلال تقديم والأشياء

I write in "arabe"
I'm 11 years old I am hayat
Hello my name is Antoine , i'm 12 Iike Couscous but I don't like Chiken i live in Manosque
Hello,my names Rémy.I'm 10.I love football and basketball.I from Manosque(French)



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