Marquette University Language Lab (ffl)


Marquette University Language Lab (ffl)

This group gathers foreign languages students from Milwaukee University

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Some infos for French Foreign Language Students

Hi everyone,

Just a few words to introduce me: i am Vincent Mespoulet and i teach ffl to students from all over the world.
With your face to face teachers, we plan to organize here Skype sessions and webinars on Elluminate about french language and french culture/civilization.

New SchoolYear 2010/2011

Exchange sessions will take place at 1 PM Chicago time (8PM Paris Time) on Tuesdays. Please join this workgroup. You can also create discussions here, and i'll reply to any question. Teachers: Sarah Gendron & Vincent Mespoulet


Forum de discussion

Session: impressions, propositions 1 réponse

Comment a réussi la session?Peut être aviez-vous des problemes?Thomas a une bonne prononciation français, congratulation!Continuer

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Commentaire de Vincent Mespoulet le 19 septembre 2009 à 17:30
i agree Colleen, and you'll have here a breeding ground for french locutors. I suggest to give also a kind of reciprocity: i suggest that your students, if they wish and if they can, give english training to members of school beyond the walss, specially, my younger students ... Can you think about it ? Brasos, Vincent
Commentaire de Colleen Coffey le 19 septembre 2009 à 17:13
Thank you new friends!!! We are so happy to be part of this community. We look forward to conversing with you every week and exploring a variety of topics. This opportunity is brilliant for all of us. Thank you!
Commentaire de Michel Truffer le 19 septembre 2009 à 15:55
welcome with the students of Marquette University, I am very glad to be able to discuss with you !

My name is Michel
Commentaire de Vincent Mespoulet le 10 septembre 2009 à 7:42
Hi Colleen, can you suggest to your students to register in school beyond the walls and to join this group, please. Vincent
Commentaire de Colleen Coffey le 10 septembre 2009 à 4:44
Hello - Welcome to all new members of this group. We are looking forward to collaborating with you!

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