Pour mieux connaître les élèves népalais de Govinda et les élèves de l'école hors les murs, laissez nous un petit message où vous expliquerez qui vous êtes, ce que vous aimez faire...

To better know students from Nepal in Govinda's school and students from all over the world from School Beyond the Walls, give us a shor message where you'll explain who you are, your favourite things and so on...

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My name is Lisa (girl) , I'm eleven
I have 1 brother.

Bye !
I'm Axelle, I'm 11 .I go to school in Manosque.I have 1 tall sister and little cat . I like ski and dance and I love country
ich heiBe Axelle ich 11 jarhe alt .Ich habe 1 Schwester und 1 Katze .ich mage Ski und Tanz. Ich liebe Länder der Welt

good bye
I'm hayat.I'm 12 years old. i come from Manosque in France. I don't like jelly. I like dance but i prefer african dance. I love chocolate. I am tall and fat.I have brown eyes and a long noise.



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