The world seeks simple, clean, inexpensive solutions for the energy crisis. Many innovative ideas can be developed by individuals and schools. This group will share information, links, and projects.

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Commentaire de Richard Dubieniec le 15 novembre 2008 à 19:34
More food for thought!
Commentaire de Richard Dubieniec le 5 novembre 2008 à 22:56
You are correct about the dangers of mercury vapour in incandescent bulbs. But technology is moving on, with LEDs a less expensive, more efficient, prospect for lighting. See
Commentaire de GABRIELA MOISI le 5 novembre 2008 à 21:13
On the Internet there is anything you want, but what you say about the new bulbs, what does not work on the principle of incandescent?Over a short time, the world we find only on them...
It's good, it's bad?
Ok, if we look at energy saving, is good; but if we know the principle of operation...It knows that these bulbs work on mercury, extremely dangerous substance?Only vapors are quite toxic.After no more work, specifically on the package in capital letters, not breakage! But during the operation mercury vapors dissipate in the air. So...
Is it a real economy of electricity is not a better opportunity?
It calls on the heat that a clear operation of the incandescent bulb, how to contribute to global warming.It is true, or just the economic playing this card?
What do you think?
Commentaire de Richard Dubieniec le 30 octobre 2008 à 0:38
As I understand it, the arguement against the use of the sun, the wind (and water power) was that there was too little financial return for the necessary investment, and that the yield - the energy produced - is far less that other established sources.
However as non-renewable energy is quickly running out, the gap between the cost of renewable energy (relative to the increasing cost of recovering non-renewable), becomes far less. Industry is now investing money, research and development in these technologies.

A second important factor is that new materials, and far more efficient methods of collecting from these 'free' sources, also increase the potential profit to be made.

There are a number of major problems to be addressed. Political will, to put far more effort into development; Education, to persuade people of the good sense in converting to renewable sources; Finance for development ,and more subsidies to help people buy new products.

Business and industry always exploit new products to make an exorbitant
profit with a premium price on top of a just and fair return for their investment, and no more so than in a time of crisis.

It is to be hoped that the liberating power of the internet will spread information and plans about new energy converters in a way that will undermine exploitation.

So many collection devices are simple to build. For instance, a solar water heater can be build by a plumber or DIY enthusiast. With a little instruction - freely available over the internet- wind and water turbines can be constructed.

Key issues in creating energy, which enthusiasts are trying to solve at this time, are centred on the STORAGE of energy. for example Hot water is needed for winter heating, when the sun is least effective/ Wind energy is stored in Batteries which are a source of pollution themselves.

While these energy supply problems are being solved there are exciting developments in the more efficient USE of energy, with solarelectric cells increasing efficiency from 15% to 45%, being manufactured out of thinner less wasteful materials, and powering (for instance) lighting that uses far less energy to produce the same strength of light.

Much information is available on the internet. It is such good material for practical school or home projects, and so much fun to create useable energy with low cost or recycled materials. A genuine 'help save the world' effort!!
Commentaire de GABRIELA MOISI le 29 octobre 2008 à 22:54
The wind and the sun are two sources inexhaustibles the electricity and heat.Why do not people use them more?Why not allocate funds for sponsoring creation of these technologies?In ours country speaks of such funds, but I d'ont now what happen in the end...
Commentaire de Richard Dubieniec le 23 octobre 2008 à 21:38
to start you thinking...............................
Commentaire de Vincent Mespoulet le 23 octobre 2008 à 20:57
a very good idea Richard :)
Commentaire de Richard Dubieniec le 23 octobre 2008 à 20:54
all enthusiasts are invited

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