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Présentation/About Me:
I work in a public high school as a teacher of English as a Foreing Language. Shana, Emilio and Héctor are my beloved family, as well my sister Flor and Endy. I'm willing to share and get to know other people who is also interested in cultural awareness through languages.
Centres d'intérêt/My Favorite Thing:
Learning,sharing and caring.

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Le 21 octobre 2008 à 9:53, Grazina Likpetriene a dit...
Hi Angeles. I love this music. Every morning I listen through Yoga
Le 14 octobre 2008 à 18:46, nathalie a dit...
Hi Angeles

Yes any kind of cuisine that is not american is great! i've always loved the latin flare of music and dancing is one of my passions. What brings you to this site?
Le 12 octobre 2008 à 18:36, Vincent Mespoulet a dit...
great feel you free to register your students. Just one big rule for those who are less than 18: they dont give family name, just the first letter. For example with my name, if i was under 18, Vincent M ... Be careful also with profile pic... need autorization of parents for prsonal pics... No pic of a famous footballer or else :) No pic about apology of violence of course... We need you to have more spanish pages. I have amazing things to teach you about french people of my region leaving France to go to Mexico one century ago... I'll tell you later :)
Le 12 octobre 2008 à 12:33, Vincent Mespoulet a dit...
Welcome to School Beyond the Walls, Angeles. Take time to explore our network, and if you enjoy, you can also register your students :) We have a good french friend in Mexico who is member of our network... Have a nice day !


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