Doris Molero de Martins
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  • Maracaibo
  • Venezuela
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Hi, There! I'm an EFL professor from Venezuela. Happy to be here with you and be your friend.
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Music, people, movies, learning, computers, animals, art. peace, family

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À 11:46pm on août 12, 2010, Hassina a offert à Doris Molero de Martins un cadeau...
Le 1 avril 2009 à 0:16, Hassina a dit...
Le Venezuela est un très beau pays Doris
Le 15 décembre 2008 à 21:03, Vincent Mespoulet a dit...
Thank you very much for the pics Doris :) Very nice, hope i will swim one day in your sea :) You know what ? It would be so nice if you put your pics together in an album and if you give us a title in english and spanish, i will add a french version :)
Le 15 décembre 2008 à 16:57, Vincent Mespoulet a dit...
Hi again Doris, we have now a new group about Venezuela. Join it please and i'll give you coadmin status :)
Le 15 décembre 2008 à 16:45, Vincent Mespoulet a dit...
Hi Doris, i will check out your ning very soon :) very easy to create a group about Venezuela, i'll give you after a co-admin status... give me just some minutes to create it. Feel you free to send us infis about culture, education, music in your country and maybe you know that Hugo Chavez is more popular in France than in Venzuela :)
Le 15 décembre 2008 à 8:16, Vincent Mespoulet a dit...
Hi Doris, welcome to School Beyond The Walls. We need teachers from south america like you, to reach/learn spanish or to discover your country. We can create a specific group for you "Discovering Venezuela with Doris" or open elluminate sessions to teach learn english or spanish. You can also check out our project like Vendée Globe or Spring of the Poets 2009 (we need to find funny poems in spanish), and join if you like. You can also register your own students to talk with our students. Take time to explore our site, and tell me if you need some help. Have a nice day, Doris, see you soon.


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