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Présentation/About Me:
I am an administrator in a public compagny
I have three masters degree in finance, economy and maritime transport, I prepare to register in PHD
I am a pacifist
I believe that education is the most important discipline and the best way to reach every interesting project in favor of the humanity in the whole world
Site Web/Website:
Centres d'intérêt/My Favorite Thing:
I am interested in the political, social and economical news and information
I enjoy to travel and to visit foreign countries
I want to practice sport

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Le 22 octobre 2009 à 23:35, chahd a dit...
merci bp houcine
Le 22 octobre 2009 à 21:41, chahd a dit...
est ce que vous peuvez m'aidée houcine cr j'ai choisé un filiére de sc economie et gestion et je trouve un petite deficulté d'accord si vous vous voulez
Le 30 septembre 2009 à 17:45, Mirna Tonus a dit...
Merci, Houcine.
ce sera un plaisir de participer des discussions.

Le 2 septembre 2009 à 10:17, Patriciainsweden a dit...
My ever friend Houcine!

What a great pleasure to find you here!

I´m writing a long message to all the imaginepeacepleace members.

I just wonder why Mounir stopped writing to me...he has been one of our most activ members and he wrote to me about the way anotehr member who is in charged of Justin TV had treaten him which I wasn´t surprise as that member who helped me to created our own channel would never respond to any of my messages..I´ve explaiend that to Mounir as he really wants to get started..I suggested him to start a new JustinTV channel and ever sicen I never ever heard form him..I was worried that something had happened to him but I´m happy to know that he still aroud!

I hope we´ll get the chance to meet today as there is so much I´ll love to discuss with you!

This is one of the most impartanbt schools networks..pity thta Vincent seems to be mad at me as I left another network were the creator was another inD-cent man juts like Moud and as Vincent met us both ..he probably took his site and now when I really need him as he is one of the leading teachres in this netwok..but he still hasn´t answer...

As you are so quick in getting in contact with people..I beg you to let them know about our School to School pleaceD-centPlan as the students and the teachers at Fenix high school still have not shown the minimun interest for this humanitarian project...

Let us hope that here through this network we´ll find the right connections with or with out Vincent!

All my blessings from Tomaten in Skillingaryd!


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