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I am a technology teacher at the K- 6 level.
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I like to work with teachers and students across the global community.

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Report from Skipper Rich Wilson From His Navigation Station

Publié(e) par 23 décembre 2008 à 16:36

Holiday Greetings for the GA3

I have created a voicethread to share with Skipper Rich Wilson. If you would like to add your holiday greetings in your native language, I've attached the thread here. Thanks very much. Have a wonderful holiday!

Publié(e) par 22 décembre 2008 à 17:08

The Equator Crossing Ceremony

In Week 3 of the sitesALIVE! Vendee Globe program with Skipper Rich Wilson there is a discussion of the Equator crossing ceremony. In the sitesALIVE! Teachers Guide on page 16, the author writes "The purpose of the ceremony is to be blessed by King Neptune, mythical ruler of the oceans.

During the ceremony, sailors typically dress oddly or cover themselves in a variety of

unpleasant materials (old food, marine mud, etc.) in an effort to “appease” King Neptune and

get his blessing… Continuer

Publié(e) par 23 novembre 2008 à 19:30 — 1 commentaire

Preparing for the Race

This morning I received a Skype call from Skipper Rich Wilson. He was testing to be sure that he would be able to connect with race organizers at sea. My students and I followed his voyage from NYC to Melbourne, AU in 2001; from Hong Kong to NYC in 2003 and from Plymouth, UK to Boston in 2004. It is with great excitement that I await following his journey around the world in… Continuer

Publié(e) par 7 novembre 2008 à 21:27 — 1 commentaire

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Le 30 juillet 2010 à 11:37, Laura a dit...
Hi Lorraine,

I’m a French student from Bordeaux. I’m doing my Master in Applied linguistics specializing in teaching French as a Foreign Language (with an I.C.T orientation) and Vincent Mespoulet advised me to contact you.

I did an internship at Bordeaux International School where I set up an e-learning platform (Claroline). It is a long term project and most of my internship consisted in the technical setting up of the platform.

The objective of the platform is to combine in class learning and online learning and this way extend at home what is done in class. The platform will be used for each subject and by all the classes from primary school to high school.

I didn’t have time to start a real teacher training and I’m now writing my thesis which deals with what have to be achieved in Bordeaux International School for an efficient platform integration in the teaching practices and I’m wondering what strategies have to be carry out to motivate the teachers, make them involve in the project and bring them to develop and renew their teaching practices using the platform. I was thinking of suggesting a teacher training plan in my thesis but I am not sure how to start and what my plan has to include. Are you used to train teachers in I.C.T? If you do, how do you do in concrete terms? What kind of strategies do you have? …

Well, I hope you could help me. Thank you in advance.

P.S: Excuse my English. I haven’t practice for a long time…

Le 21 mars 2009 à 13:47, Grazina Likpetriene a dit...
Thanks Lorraine for Guillaumme Apollinaire, thank You ever so much!!!
Le 12 mars 2009 à 14:29, Grazina Likpetriene a dit...
Hi Lorraine! Thank you too - it's good teamwork. There was much material and too difficult put everything to one minute :))
Le 12 octobre 2008 à 19:27, João a dit...
helloo =) sorry didn't text back earlier =( It's nice to meet you too!
Le 11 octobre 2008 à 19:29, Sandrine GELIN a dit...
Hello Lorraine !
I'm going to see Rich Wilson tomorrow afternoon. I will take some pictures for the website.
Talk to you soon on skype (tomorrow 10 PM French hour)
Le 26 septembre 2008 à 19:10, Nolwenn.A a dit...
Hello Lorraine !!!!
Le 18 septembre 2008 à 2:57, Vincent Mespoulet a dit...
Congratulations Lorraine, you succeed ! I give you right now admin status on Vendée Globe Group.


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