Shahdan Assilun
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Présentation/About Me:
i'm founder of Suhaila care org in istanbul ... we established it after my aunti died in cancer " the org holds her name" me and Donna" her daughter " and my uncle start it as small projet to help poor women and children ... also we have home for orphans in many of tureky cities ...

i studied political since and now i'm about to do my masters ... my dream is to have PHD and teach at the university

i do alot o voluntrey work to help poor people and poeple who needs my help ...
Centres d'intérêt/My Favorite Thing:
swiming - Reading - singing " sometimes i sing at my dad's resturent in east istanbul "

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Suhaila Care Org. " SCO" Turkey - Istanbul

Who we are

The first SCO Children’s Village was founded by Donna QAWASMI 2003, in Istanbul - Turkey. She was committed to helping children in need – children who had lost their homes, their security and their families . With the support of many donors and co-workers, our… Continuer

Publié(e) par 18 septembre 2008 à 23:00

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Le 17 décembre 2008 à 20:19, Mathilde V a dit...
Hello Shahdan
Le 21 novembre 2008 à 1:42, Mourad HARKAT a dit...
I am an Algerian poet ..
I am new in this site ..
I wish to be friends ..
Greetings to you ..
Le 25 octobre 2008 à 12:57, olga a dit...
Hello! my name is Olga. you do right things. it is a great deal to help other people especially poo people. how are you? nice to meet you. I hope your dreams will come true. It would be nice to talk with you. write.
Le 21 septembre 2008 à 19:37, Sharon P a dit...
greeting me it is sharon, I speak French and I manage well in English, (I am 12 years old). mespoulet mister spoke a lot to us of you. I find that that you make am great bravo, I congratulates you. kisses has +
Le 19 septembre 2008 à 17:57, Barbara R a dit...
c'est bien ce que tu fais!! bravo for what you do!!!
Le 17 septembre 2008 à 19:31, rayen.O a dit...
hello my name is rayen and you
Le 14 septembre 2008 à 19:03, Mathilde V a dit...
I am happy to meet you too. At school we speak a lot about you with
my friends.
Le 14 septembre 2008 à 11:43, Mathilde V a dit...
Thank you to have accepted to be my friend!
Le 14 septembre 2008 à 11:17, Mathilde V a dit...
Hello, my name si Mathilde and you? I from France.

Bye, bye
Le 13 septembre 2008 à 18:23, Morgane S a dit...
thank you Shahdan


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