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What does "Pearl Harbor" mean to you? Please help me in this school project.
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Cette discussion a été démarrée. Dernière réponse de Vincent Mespoulet 19 déc. 2009.

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Shai K

Informations concernant le profil

Ramat-Gan, Israel
Présentation/About Me:
Please write to me in English or Hebrew. My knowledge of Arabic is basic and I don't know French at all.
I am almost 14, and study in the 8th grade, going to high-school next year.
I am here because I want to learn languages and because I want to network with kids from all over the world.
Site Web/Website:
Centres d'intérêt/My Favorite Thing:
Dungeons and Dragons, Physics, Walks, Singing & Guitar...

What do we want?

think, and many will agree with me, that if many people, millions, want something, they can do it, even if there's a smaller group that doesn't want it to be.
If this is true, and I believe it is, it should be easy to make peace, because so many people want peace. But the problem with peace, that it's not tangible*. In our mind, we have a picture of the peace that we are looking for. I think, that those pictures might be different for each of us, and so there aren't many people that want the same thing, but many people that want many different things.

So now I'm asking you a simple question, that can bring interesting answers- What is peace?

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Le 9 janvier 2009 à 11:41, Marion.S a dit...
Hello Shai ! How old are you ??
Le 3 décembre 2008 à 16:04, Vincenzina Pace a dit...
Hello Shai! i'm happy you are joined my history group (XX): i'm not speak english, sorry, but are speaking my student .
Le 5 août 2008 à 12:25, Fabiola A a dit...
Le 1 juillet 2008 à 22:05, Gintaras a dit...
Hello Shai! hehe "shien"(mistake)=chien=dog ! sory
I repaire:)
I like all music:)
This is lithuanien:
Le 28 juin 2008 à 22:30, Shai K a dit...
does someone here play D&D??
any body??
Le 25 mai 2008 à 10:26, Shai K a dit...
can you write that again, English this time?
Le 22 mai 2008 à 19:21, SOLANGE a dit...
bonjour Shai j'adore moi aussi les Beatles!!!!!!!!!
Le 22 mai 2008 à 15:43, Sabine a dit...
Yes...I speak English..:)
Le 22 mai 2008 à 15:20, Shai K a dit...
Does someone here play D&D?
We can try to play together!
Le 20 mai 2008 à 16:56, Vincent Mespoulet a dit...
Welcome Shai, we are very happy younjoin us. Many french students have the same age as you. Take time to explore their pages... Have a good day !


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