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Art teacher :-)
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Wander - in spaces and minds ...

Welcome to Latvia :-)

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About eTwinning Conference 2010, Seville, Spain

About eTwinning Conference 2010, Seville, Spain

5-7 February

Great event for meet lot of creative teachers, exchange ideas, learn somthing new !

and, ofcourse - meet online partners IN LIVE !!!!!

Unfortunately, conference take part only 3 days !

Seville is so far from Latvia - we come only on first day late evening and leave on third day early morning.

So - no welcome, no opening, no meetings .... no last day presentations and…


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FILM about SPRING OF POETS 2009, made by Latvia team for Seville conference

FILM about SPRING OF POETS 2009, made by Latvia team for Seville conference

Spring of Poets 2009 from Tanja Gvozdeva on…


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Snow sculptures workshop in Līvāni

This weekend the bravest from Riga team went about 200 km out of Riga to join snow sculpture making workshops in a small Latvian city : Līvāni.

All our friends, colleagues and parents say we were crazy! Weather forecast predicted it would be -26° C !!!

Anyway, we decided to go …

The weather was really cold, but everything there was prepared so that we only felt the warmth – people were so kind : all the time near the sculpture place – warm room with hot tea,… Continuer

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Majori seaside in snow

Yesterday I was on lesson about Latvia manorhouses building history. Lector was in Latvia famous and aware art scientist Imants Lansmanis.

It happen in Durbe manorhause, near small city Tukums, about 60 km from Riga.

Durbes manorhaus – beautiful small tipical for WestLatvia, build in 18th century, clasicismus style.

Today here is situated museum.

By the way to Riga I go out the train for look how is on seaside in this cold winter… Continuer

Publié(e) par 20 janvier 2010 à 12:00 — 4 commentaires

WELCOME to Latvia children animation film festival !

WELCOME to Latvia children animation film festival !


Together 800 small films from Latvia and some from Lithuania and France !

At this moment festival is closed.

JURY - professional Latvia artists, film industrie professionals and Riga school department representative works for choose the best… Continuer

Publié(e) par 6 janvier 2010 à 8:52

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Le 6 décembre 2010 à 5:33, Ruth Bourchier a dit...
Bonjour Tanja,
Je t'invite à nous rejoindre dans le groupe que Vincent a créé pour decouvrir la NZ
Discovering NZ with Ruth.
Tu as des tas de choses interessantes sur ta page. J'ai hate de savoir un peu plus sur ton pays.
A bientôt
Le 28 août 2010 à 19:05, Gianina Buruiana a dit...
Hello Tanja,
I will be in Riga in 24 September till 26 September. I would like to meet you and maybe suggest me what to visit in Riga. I will be with my youngest son and with a student. Then we will leave in Lithuania for our Comenius.
Le 28 août 2010 à 15:55, Cristina a dit...
Nice photo and nice page!!!
Le 21 février 2010 à 21:59, Vincenzina Pace a dit...
Merci beaucoup, Tanja!!
Le 15 janvier 2010 à 2:24, ahmed zaoui a dit...
salut Tanja , je remercie beaucoup Vincent Mespoulet pour m'avoir inviter a le rejoindre a riga .domage je ne comprends du Russe que " spaciba bolchoy "
Le 14 janvier 2010 à 19:42, Tanja a dit...
Cнег в Маноске !!!!!

ненормально ....

у нас тоже холодно
-13 С днем, -20 С ночью
Le 11 janvier 2010 à 9:14, Helen Karavanidou a dit...
Thank you for your warm welcome! Good to be here!
Le 25 décembre 2009 à 0:20, Grazina Likpetriene a dit...

Happy holidays!
Le 19 décembre 2009 à 8:36, Michel Truffer a dit...
hello Tanja, it's wonderful your acadmy for children at Riga center !
I put your video to my homepage (not my homepage exactly but...it's friendly)
Le 11 décembre 2009 à 18:10, Marianne Mabille a dit...
do you know this site? http://w3.upm-kymmene.com/upm/forestlife/index.html

I find it very interesting...


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