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It's me.
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My favorite thing is to have favorite things.

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The Life Story

I wanna tell you a story.

A story about the road.

A story which starts with glory

And sudden turns to cloud.


It was a cold cold night of February

And the starts were shining low

The  forest was out of berries

And the girl was about to show.

A lady was lying in a white bed

As the man been creating a plan

To get his stomach fed,

To take the carrots out of sand.

The girl came fast and…


Publié(e) par 26 janvier 2013 à 19:00

Me, Myself and I

My head is full of everything around

My knees are strongly glued to the ground

My hands are shaking full of stones

My legs must have been lost their bones.

My hair smells like two days smoke

My double eyes has just made a stroke

My nose is something I don't really know

My ears are catching blueberries' snow.

My chest is moving up and down

My soul is trying to scream out loud

My innerself doesn't let me open the…


Publié(e) par 3 septembre 2012 à 16:34


What a wonderfull day

For to sit by the bay

And to feel the wind in your hair

Falling slowly on the old chair.

Ow, my lovely blowing mind

I'm feeling just like a child

Who wants to get a candy

And kiss his grey hair daddy

'Cause days are out of worries

And full of colourfull stories.

I kick the ball against the grass,

I watch the sparkling air in the glass

And I realize that day is short,

That my…


Publié(e) par 3 mai 2012 à 20:51 — 1 commentaire

The Balloon

Balloons are blowing all around

Whose colours give a wonderfull sound

And the moon seems smiling too

While giving slowly storms for you.

My balloon is small and fat

'Cause I've tried to interupt the map

Of my long long narrow line

Running fast above the time.

I've put the glass of wine inside

For to feel support and insight

And to dream about my head

While spending days in empty bed.

I've took a needle to…


Publié(e) par 8 mars 2012 à 19:38

Blind in Memories

Look up to the ground

To hear it’s breathing sound

Which comes among the snow

And tells itself to grow.

Cold and tinny finger falls

To feel the warmth of snowy balls

As dirty minds keeps staying far

And knocks itself on the door of bar.

It’s cold and dark around the sun

What attacks the mind as gun

Which can shoot that dirty mind

And keep it’s ground blind.

I’m still a child,

Who wants to be blind…


Publié(e) par 1 mars 2012 à 12:59 — 3 commentaires

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Le 3 mars 2010 à 12:22, Grazina Likpetriene a dit...
Oui Michel je suis d'accord!
Je pense que Ugne ne s'est pas fâché contre nous que nous avons choisis cet place pour discussion... ;]
Ugne I simply admire your poetry! It’s a very nice and positive.
p.s. cet chant de marin est forte, j'adore!
Le 2 mars 2010 à 18:31, Michel Truffer a dit...
Pour apprécier une poésie il faut posséder la langue de façon quasi-maternelle et là je ne me vois pas arriver à ce niveau avec l'anglais...que malgré tout je connais un petit peu, seulement par obligation .

"Hardi les gars " est sur le titre d'un chant de marin "Nous irons à Valparaiso"
Le 1 mars 2010 à 20:53, Grazina Likpetriene a dit...
Alors Michel c'est bonne occasion pour apprendre l'anglais...
Hardi les gars! ;D
Le 1 mars 2010 à 19:16, Michel Truffer a dit...
Hélas je ne connais pas suffisamment l'anglais pour apprécier tes poésies à leurs justes valeurs.
Le 31 mars 2008 à 13:13, Vincent Mespoulet a dit...
Hi Ugne, i'm deeply impressed by your last pictures specially this one with stripes. Have you posted your poem you said in lituanian on the first evening during Poets' Spring, i would like to add the video with the title of your poem "Go away" in lituanian. Have a good day !
Le 18 février 2008 à 11:11, Wind a dit...
Le 18 février 2008 à 11:09, Grazina Likpetriene a dit...
Šaunuolė, kad himną įdėjai. Ir šiap, gražios dainos;)
Le 2 décembre 2007 à 17:58, Wind a dit...
bla bla bla :) Wind is blowing away...without snow still.
Le 2 décembre 2007 à 10:58, Vincent Mespoulet a dit...
Thank you Wind to give us opportunity to know a lithuanian song. You know what, it would be better if you publish a post-blog about this song 'cause you can add lyrics and maybe english translation of it...
Le 18 novembre 2007 à 16:16, Grazina Likpetriene a dit...
Kaip sekasi? Ar bandai pati ka nos išsiversti iš prancuzu k.? Pabandyk jei dar nebandei
man padeda;)


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