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  • Père Angelos Nyembwe
  • Serge Da Sylva
  • Patriciainsweden

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east yorkshire
Présentation/About Me:
i support different organizations, especially them that are in need, saving the planet and different causes like animal wefare and childrens charity.
Centres d'intérêt/My Favorite Thing:
geography.history, anything intersting.

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Le 2 septembre 2009 à 20:27, Patriciainsweden a dit...
So you´re in good company...among that couple of holy angels!

I miss you sooo!

When is your house going to be ready?...

I still feel the same pain..nothing has changed...I hope to hear from the health centre by tomorrow.

Did you get the message I sent from imaginepeacepleace?..I wonder if people can make sense of my explanations...that is one of the difficult parts of the LIFE of an make her/himself I´ve lived with this coordinate system in my head since 1986...the entire system is so obvious..the programming of the D-agrams will be the solution...

Poor Samir...he´ll finally end in a mad house drawing D-agrams day and night as every time he is ready with one layout I get a better ex-husband still get crazy every time I ask him to help me...I just can´t stop the flow!

HWat about your health ? I think about it in the middle of that living chaos ...specially with all that dust ...horrendous but rewarding at the end!

Blessings to your angels!


Be Creative ! Make your Difference !

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