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sebt el guerdane
Présentation/About Me:
friends are very special , even if they live on the other side of the world. it doesn't matter. because friends can live in your heart, and when you feel lonely, you can call them and then distance doesn't matter.
so im new on that web just to get a new ;nice and real friend around world with who i can improve my langauge also know more about countries and their cultures; also make them know all about mine if they are interst...
by the way im technecian of elcetcity and i work in comapany as machins operator
Site Web/Website:
Centres d'intérêt/My Favorite Thing:
music, tv ,net, ride bike....

love at first sight

Believe in love at first sight? Ever felt a smile crossing across your face when a face breezes by you? And then everything changes. The world seems more beautiful, the weather always perfect and your dream girl or guy the most wonderful person on this planet. Well, my friend you are in love. It can happen to anybody at any place, on any day. At first you fall in love or get attracted to the physical being of a person. As it is said appearance does matter.
After all that’s all one sees when it’s the case of love at first sight. Something catches your attention, like her smile, his physique or the enchanting eyes.
The mood also plays an important role in sealing the perfect moment. If you are tired, sad, angry or irritated your dream man or girl may pass you by without you even glancing back. The nature conspires to bring lovers closer. Also you should be open in your mind to receive love. Hardly ever heard of happily married people falling in love with another and that also love at first sight, right?
It’s a state of mind, knocking the doors of the heart.
So how do you know that you have fallen in love? Of course things look rainbow colored from that moment but friends let’s just get sure
You know you have fallen in love with her/him when…
You see stars in the morning. No, you haven’t banged your head, it’s love. Your life stops and all you can think of is her/him. You don’t seem to get anything done and every moment your sweetheart’s face comes in front of you
You start missing your love like you haven’t seen her in ages, when actually you just said goodbye
Your sweetheart is flawless. You overlook all her faults and weaknesses. You believe true love can overcome all. This is love at first sight.
You can’t stop smiling when your beloved is around. You are all happy and joyful. But as soon as he/she leaves, your world collapses in front of you. You become sad and depressed
You are not a very comprising person but your sweetheart changed you completely. Now you are more comprising and a wonderfully understanding person.

So now you know that love at first sight is very much true. Believe in love and make your emotions fly on the wings of joy. On this Valentine, don’t be scared to fall in love. It’s a beautiful emotion that promises to make your world a merry go round. Just remember, love has it’s up and downs. So rise with the sunshine and open your arms to this emotions fever.

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Located 81 km east of Agadir, Taroudant is known as the medieval town, "Little Marrakech". Cette perle surprend ses visiteurs par la couleur fauve de ses remparts, le pittoresque de ses souks et l'agitation fébrile des petits cafés sous les arcades de la place Assarag. This pearl surprises visitors by its tawny color of its walls, the colorful souks and its feverish small cafe under the arcades of the square Assarag.

Known since antiquity, the… Continuer

Publié(e) par 6 novembre 2009 à 11:02

MOUSSEM de la villle de TANTAN

L’Unesco a décidé de déclarer le moussem de Tan Tan, patrimoine immatériel de l’Humanité. L’ouverture officielle du moussem a été présidée par SAR le Prince Moulay Rachid. Placé sous le haut patronage de SM le Roi Mohammed VI et sous l’égide du ministère de la Culture et l’Unesco, le festival culturel et touristique de Tan Tan s'organise dans un espace de 600 tentes traditionnelles installées sur une superficie globale de 10 hectares. Une centaine de journalistes, plusieurs chaînes de TV… Continuer

Publié(e) par 6 novembre 2009 à 10:44 — 1 commentaire


A kingdom located at a crossroads between Europe and Africa, Morocco has maintained stability despite economic hardship in the past and large numbers of migrants passing through on their way to Europe.

The government has been working hard over the past few years to develop a sustainable and healthy economy for all of its citizens, including major infrastructure improvements and housing schemes, while working closely with Europe and the US to both… Continuer

Publié(e) par 5 juin 2009 à 13:07

smart girl

Publié(e) par 5 juin 2009 à 12:52

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Le 6 novembre 2009 à 17:04, Vincent Mespoulet a dit...
Félicitations pour ton diplôme Hicham !!! Cela te fait un beau cadeau d'anniversaire !!!
Le 5 novembre 2009 à 19:59, Vincent Mespoulet a dit...
Bon anniversaire Hicham !


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