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Cette discussion a été démarrée. Dernière réponse de Vincent Mespoulet 5 janv. 2009.

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nathalie a commenté l'article WE ARE WHAT WE LEARN - Le discours de Barack Obama aux élèves américains (8 septembre 2009) - Remarks by the President Obama in a national address to America's schoolchildren (September 8th) de Vincent Mespoulet.
"Dear All, Yes!!! It’s about time that someone besides teachers tells students that they need to take responsibility for their education. President Obama hit the nail on the head so to speak and I am tempted to play his speech for a future…"
16 sept. 2009

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Macon, GA
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Je suis enseignante dans un college a Macon GA. Je cherche des ecoles qui voudraient collaborer avec moi et mes eleves.
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la collaboration
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Hors Les Murs talked about in Hartford CT USA!

Dear All

Just to let you know that tomorrow, I will be discussing Hors Les Murs at the CTCOLT conference in Hartford CT USA.

Our conference was quite successful, and my colleagues and I are happy to share our presentation with everyone.

Please visit our presentation created by Barbara Lindsey called "… Continuer

Publié(e) par 28 octobre 2008 à 3:56 — 3 commentaires

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Le 20 octobre 2008 à 0:34, nathalie a dit...
Le 16 octobre 2008 à 10:07, GABRIELA MOISI a dit...
hi, Nathalie.Yes, in our country we have many McDonalds, but the eat is not fine.For example we are know that the oil, when we make a chips, fried potatoes, produce a toxical chemicals substanceThe name is :acroleina , who is cancerous.The examples are many.When we are going at the market we find a tomato who is just red , that's all .They d'not have a nuttiness.The organics is everithing. In this project we want to try to learn the people : the students and her family; how to be good through diet , through sport, ...
Thanks, Gabriela
Le 16 octobre 2008 à 7:16, ANGELES a dit...
Hola Nathalie, exploring on line instructional and learning sites, has brought me here having in mind the idea of sharing with my students free and open educational resources to enhance their English linguistic and cultural awareness.
Le 15 octobre 2008 à 19:48, GABRIELA MOISI a dit...
Hi Nathalie, from the moment just writting and joining at the site group VII A "SILVANIA", thank's.See you soon.
Le 14 octobre 2008 à 20:40, GABRIELA MOISI a dit...
Hi Nathalie, I invite to you and your's students to join behinde us at the project 7 A "SILVANIA", we will talk about the good health, about the good food and the other things.
Le 12 octobre 2008 à 20:14, ANGELES a dit...
Hi Nathalie,
Let me know if you also enjoy mexican cuisine, as well as Latin music.
If possible, iInclude some other italian music.
Warm wishes.
Le 10 octobre 2008 à 6:12, nathalie a dit...
Le 10 octobre 2008 à 6:09, nathalie a dit...
Le 9 octobre 2008 à 6:58, Vincent Mespoulet a dit...
Salut Nathalie, c'est une très bonne idée. Je vais te rajouter dans mes contacts skype et je te donne le mien: vincent.mespoulet
Le 1 octobre 2008 à 14:34, Nolwenn G a dit...
Bonjour Nathalie!


Be Creative ! Make your Difference !

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