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Majori seaside in snow

Yesterday I was on lesson about Latvia manorhouses building history. Lector was in Latvia famous and aware art scientist Imants Lansmanis.

It happen in Durbe manorhause, near small city Tukums, about 60 km from Riga.

Durbes manorhaus – beautiful small tipical for WestLatvia, build in 18th century, clasicismus style.

Today here is situated museum.

By the way to Riga I go out the train for look how is on seaside in this cold winter… Continuer

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Mirdza Ķempe, Latvia (born in 1907) - Pavasara vējš / Spring wind

Pavasara vējš

Tu, dzidrais vējš, tu, šalcošais,

Kam spārnu galos rasa zaigo,

No kurienes tu, mirdzošais,

Nes savu puķu elpu svaigo?

Pār pasauli kāds maigums san,

Jo jaunu lapu balsis liegās

Un zāles dvesma tevī skan-

Un siltu straumju čala sniegā.

Ver zeme acis zaļganās,

Ar saldu salkmi upes virmo,

Un tavās cirtās… Continuer

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WELCOME to Latvia children animation film festival !

WELCOME to Latvia children animation film festival !

Together 800 small films from Latvia and some from Lithuania and France !

At this moment festival is closed.

JURY - professional Latvia artists, film industrie professionals and Riga school department representative works for choose the best… Continuer

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Light festival ''Staro Rīga'' (14.11.-18.11.2009.)

Light festival "Staro Riga" ("Shine Riga")

Already second year in Riga we had a light festival. It is organised in probably darkest days of our autumn/winter season, in middle of November. From the dark light and colourful shapes raise and amaze you. Many buildings of Riga "dress into new outfits" and it gives exciting possibility to see Riga from another viewpoint.

Last year as it was for first time there weren't so many objects like this year. And in 2009 it lasted… Continuer

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Welcome to EXPLORE LATVIA :-)

Welcome to EXPLORE LATVIA with us :-)

Riga culture history and animation art club summer expedition to Latgale and Vidzeme (Latvia)

short description

On the end of this year summer Rigas Skolenu pils some of culture history and animation art club students was on summer learning journey - expedition in Latgale and Vidzeme (Latvia). Expeditions program consist from 2 parts - exploring russian Old Believers culture in East Latvia… Continuer

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School beyond the walls in Latvia: our two workshops - short report for ICT conference in Latvia

Atelier Ning

Les réseaux sociaux changent profondément les usages des TIC dans l'éducation. Depuis deux ans, l'Ecole Hors les Murs expérimentent de nouvelles formes de pédagogie présentielles et distantes qui peuvent à la fois servir de base de réflexion et susciter chez les enseignants le désir d'intégrer le social networking dans leurs activités avec les élèves. Nous donnerons des exemples précis et variés de ce qu'il est possible de faire avec un réseau social… Continuer

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In Latvia provincial city army struggle against peoples that protest for hospital closing

Today in small provincial town Bauska, that is situated in Latvia South, about 400 peoples come together for protest against government plans to close Bauska hospital. Peoples actions was to close the trafic on town bridge. It was no violent protest. Most of them was womens and childrens. They was waiting for Latvia Health minister Baiba Rozentale, but she dont come.

Government send against that peoples (most of them women !) special army… Continuer

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Strict NO for intention to build new atomic power-station on Latvia and Lithuania border

The goverment of Lithuania plans to build new atomic power-station on the border of Latvia and Lithuania, on a place named Visagina. The Building is planned to get started at the end of year 2009. The Government of Latvia would like to make a cooperation on this project.

On today - when the world knows all that problems with accidents created by atomic power-stations , like it was in Chernobyl, or all that small local accidents that happen too often - it is not a modern decision… Continuer

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News about educational system changes in Latvia

from Latvia news portal:

13. augusts 2009 14:36

translation in short:

Ministry of Education and Science on this week received announcement from Latvia local governments about closing 36 schools and about merging 68 schools in 39 schools.

In Latvia, according to 2008 year statistic, totally there are 948 schools.

At this moment Ministry affirms to close 27 schools… Continuer

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Poet and realization: Markuss Bolsaks

Trouvez plus de vidéos comme celle-ci sur L'Ecole Hors les Murs - School Beyond The Walls

Poet and realization: Markuss Bolsaks

















I WANT… Continuer

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