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The Life Story

I wanna tell you a story.

A story about the road.

A story which starts with glory

And sudden turns to cloud.


It was a cold cold night of February

And the starts were shining low

The  forest was out of berries

And the girl was about to show.

A lady was lying in a white bed

As the man been creating a plan

To get his stomach fed,

To take the carrots out of sand.

The girl came fast and…


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Me, Myself and I

My head is full of everything around

My knees are strongly glued to the ground

My hands are shaking full of stones

My legs must have been lost their bones.

My hair smells like two days smoke

My double eyes has just made a stroke

My nose is something I don't really know

My ears are catching blueberries' snow.

My chest is moving up and down

My soul is trying to scream out loud

My innerself doesn't let me open the…


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What a wonderfull day

For to sit by the bay

And to feel the wind in your hair

Falling slowly on the old chair.

Ow, my lovely blowing mind

I'm feeling just like a child

Who wants to get a candy

And kiss his grey hair daddy

'Cause days are out of worries

And full of colourfull stories.

I kick the ball against the grass,

I watch the sparkling air in the glass

And I realize that day is short,

That my…


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The Balloon

Balloons are blowing all around

Whose colours give a wonderfull sound

And the moon seems smiling too

While giving slowly storms for you.

My balloon is small and fat

'Cause I've tried to interupt the map

Of my long long narrow line

Running fast above the time.

I've put the glass of wine inside

For to feel support and insight

And to dream about my head

While spending days in empty bed.

I've took a needle to…


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Blind in Memories

Look up to the ground

To hear it’s breathing sound

Which comes among the snow

And tells itself to grow.

Cold and tinny finger falls

To feel the warmth of snowy balls

As dirty minds keeps staying far

And knocks itself on the door of bar.

It’s cold and dark around the sun

What attacks the mind as gun

Which can shoot that dirty mind

And keep it’s ground blind.

I’m still a child,

Who wants to be blind…


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The Snail

The far it goes the more I see

That ice is coming through my sea

It comes as fast as clumsy snail

For to give a dark blue pain.

The silent night becomes to storm,

The dizzy hand turns being cold

Asking brain to say a word

About how snail became so bold.

The sleepless nights used to be a joy

As in the stars you could see the magic boy

Who was sanked by the glass of wine

Saying that black snails don't shine.

It's deep, it's strong, it's… Continuer

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Lost in the Wind

You tell me that you'll leave-
But you won't
You tell me I should breath-
But I won't.
It's strong, it's lovely,
It's hurting and it's warming
The way you touch me softly
The way you make me storming.
It stucks, it snores
It breaks and draws
The way you close the door
The way you start the war.
It's cold, it's cold, it's cold
And my soul is getting bold
'Cause my blanket is like torn
To cover me from storm.

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I've heard that people walk around

While making footprints on the ground

I've heard that they can light a fire

Which burns away like my desire.

I've heard myself singing flowers

And dancing all around my towers

Going high and down at once

Without having a normal balance.

I blow my love upon the sky

And let it fly till you ask me why

I've never told you I'm a road flower

Waiting till the rain will give me…


Ajouté par Wind le 18 février 2011 à 16:52 — 1 commentaire


My shoes are full of sand

And that really makes me laugh

Because I've never had the shoes

Nor any kind of boots.

The sand feels wet and cold

While I deeply walk around the world

Wearing brand new yellow dress

Going down from my chest.

My hair is hard and dirty

But they say - I'm still lucky

Cause I have the sand in my shoes

And there is still something to loose.

Take, take the last part of my road,



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Big big wings of plastic

Fly upstairs fantastic

And dirty girl is shaking

Of plane's wings breaking.


She has never been up to the sky

And she still asks mommy why

Hers dress is old like road,

Hers bed is a part of the boat.


It gets higher and higher

And plastic girl feels like a liar

Cause she has never been as high

As the dirty plane can fly.


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The Evening

Slowly and not too loud...…


Ajouté par Wind le 18 octobre 2010 à 18:12 — 2 commentaires


You look how the leaves are falling

In the early early morning...

You take a cup of coffee and lay down

For to hear the crashing…


Ajouté par Wind le 16 octobre 2010 à 15:56 — 2 commentaires

It's a Pitty

I've heard a fairy tale.
I've heard lots of fairy tales.
In the end - I put them all in a flame
Because every ending in reality fails.
"They lived happily ever after" ?
I wish it would pass faster
As the light in the dark cup of tea
Is still making a nonsense of me.
The main reason is that noone knows
How that "happily ever after" goes
As fairy tale ends without…

Ajouté par Wind le 11 mai 2010 à 22:30 — 1 commentaire

To Forgive

While making rounds and rounds between your head

You finally can find the things bad

Just because you can't forget another bed

Even if your dream was there glad.

Then you try to creat some explanations

That in fact it isn't such a big sensation

As almost everyone needs to try the new places

And to come back with happy faces.

We lie to ourselves too much

And put our feelings on the old old brunch

With a hope that it won't…


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Damn, it was a dream...

Today I’ve got up when the sun was getting down

With its all beautiful dark sides and borrowed crown.

Is it always…


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When You Feel Alone

When you think that you are feeling

Don't forget about the deep dealing

With your hands filled by bread

And empty thoughts behind the head.

Being alone right here and now

Feels like walking in the melting snow

While having no waterproof shoes

And just wearing three year old boots.

Trying to describe this healthy being

I should understand the real meaning

Of how I started feeling proud

Because I've began shouting…


Ajouté par Wind le 19 février 2010 à 18:18 — 4 commentaires

Early Morning

Two cups of coffee.

I wish I had some toffee...

Anyway, thanx God -

It's still dark.

Papers are moving around my bed,

Lots of minds give no sense to my head

Just crazy pillows make me glad

Because they don't look that bad.

It's early early morning

So I can hear my brain snoring

As soft knife cuts meat

And gives lots of words per sheet.

It's early early early morning

But I still don't feel like worrying

About the man eating… Continuer

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The Having

I have two arms, a nose and eyes

Whose are called by telling lies

Plus, I have two eyes and brain behind

Where all my feelings hide.

I have a house and what to eat

But it doesn't mean that I can create

Because my house is full of berries

Whose can be called as black-blue cherries.

In fact I have the same what you don't have

And that's why you always laugh.

If I say that i would like to have you

It means my minds is painted blue

But if… Continuer

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Empty face

You stay somewhere away from home

For to get a smell of being alone

But after a minute you can find

That being lonely makes you blind.

Take a big green glass of wine

And try to taste a way of crossing the line

When the face is out of order,

When the cold rain goes down your shoulder.

The meaning of tasting emotions

Could be drawn as wonderful devotions

But you should try to understand

That feeling bad should make you glad.

There is no… Continuer

Ajouté par Wind le 19 septembre 2009 à 20:52 — 2 commentaires


Any time I want to look at you

I have to open the album of photos here.

It ALWAYS makes me feeling blue

Cause my feelings can’t be shared.

Damn, I’m not talking about butterflies stuff

Because it’s a deep deep “love”.

Of course, the black becomes white

Sun starts shining at night….

And what do we need?

To get our stomachs feed?

Well, yes.

What else….

So it’s better to forget about the life you have

And start living the one without… Continuer

Ajouté par Wind le 18 août 2009 à 22:56 — 6 commentaires


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