Look up to the ground

To hear it’s breathing sound

Which comes among the snow

And tells itself to grow.

Cold and tinny finger falls

To feel the warmth of snowy balls

As dirty minds keeps staying far

And knocks itself on the door of bar.

It’s cold and dark around the sun

What attacks the mind as gun

Which can shoot that dirty mind

And keep it’s ground blind.

I’m still a child,

Who wants to be blind -

As the snow shines in the sun,

As the teddy bear desires to run.

Stay, please stay my bear

‘Cause I’m deeply afraid of the fear

Coming down from years ago

Telling me I’m still alone.

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Commentaire de Grazina Likpetriene le 15 mars 2012 à 19:32

Wind's poem read by little sister Greta :)

Commentaire de Wind le 4 mars 2012 à 21:43

Thank you, Vincent!

Commentaire de Vincent Mespoulet le 4 mars 2012 à 21:01

Very Nice, thank you Ugne :-) ! Hope i will find time to translate in french !


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