Prolog:When I began my journalistic career I had to write 3 test stories. One was an interview with a starting mime name Eno (Hanoch) Rosen. He was 23 at the time and chose a very unusual profession for himself. Now he is one of the leading directors of musicals and theatre shows in Israel.
The second was a story about the fishermen at the port of Haifa. I joined them at 4AM and covered a working day.
The third was a research about Itamar Ben-Avi, the eldesto son of Eliezer Ben-Yehuda. I actually managed to track down his daughter and heard wonderful stories from her and also received a book he wrote, signed by her. I think this ride down history lane was the most exciting events that happened to me and the memory is as fresh as if it was yesterday.

The Hebrew language continues to evolve and invent itself all the time. Strangely, this is one of the oldest languages that exists, yet for about 2000 years it was used for praying only.
Nowadays we have the academy (not translated yet) for the Hebrew Language were learned people work on inventing Hebrew words for various uses. Sometimes I am amusing myself by inventing words too. Some words are extremely strange of funny and will never catcho on. Some words try to replace international words, which need no replacement (i.e. academy). Some words are nice to have. Hebrew sometimes feels so lacking... By the way, some of the Hebrew words derive from the older ARAMIT language (from ARAM). There are common roots with Arabic. Some words use Greek roots and even Latin.
Just today I saw a publishing made by the Academy for Hebrew Language with some of their newest words: I love the weird translation of hangover. It is translated to "HAMARMORET" (not a word you can pronounce if you have hangover) but more importantly it sounds like it is coming from the Hebrew word "HAMOR" (donkey, ass...) while they ment it to derive from a greek root... or the even more cheekier translation to Segway (it's a name, for god sake! Who translates names???) - to the bizzarra word "rekhinoa" (don't ask...).
I wanted to translate the word "muffin". In Hebrew it should sound like "ma'afin" (based on the Hebrew word MA'AFE - meaning a baked good.
This can go on and on...

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