eTwinning: creativity and innovation through collaboration

April 24, 2014 we participated in the session of online Learning Revolution Conference. We were able to discuss best practices, and really share our good learning experiences.

Presenters Name(s):  Vladimir Mosijenko (Slovakia), Larisa Tichonova (Lithuania),Tanja Gvozdeva (Latvia), Grazina Likpetriene(Lithuania)  
Short Session Description:
Schools in Europe achieve creativity and innovation through eTwinning online projects: ICT tools for supporting teaching and learning, examples of practice and pedagogical experiences in this area.


Area of the World from Which You Will Present: Europa
Language in Which You Will Present: Russian, English
Target Audiences: Administrators interested in school projects & Teachers & Librarians
Full Session Description:
Have you ever dreamed of schooling in a creative community?
Creativity plays a larger role than ever before for the average person, but schools are teaching less creativity. Will universal pubic schools fade away or will they transform themselves into a new life form to meet new needs? 
We have paid attention to learning in the direction of creativity and experiments developed by European teachers through projects. Project is a process. It is a search. Project depends more on questions than on answers. We aim to share the pedagogical experiences in this area and to ask questions about the setting up of this type of project pedagogy at both local and international levels.

1. Presenter Name:  Vladimir Mosijenko, Základná škola, Pri Podlužianke 6 (Slovakia)

2. Presenter Name:  Larisa Tichonova, Rokiškio r. Pandėlio gimnazija (Lithuania)

3. Presenter Name: Tanja Gvozdeva, Children's and Youth Education Center
BJC Rigas Skolenų pils (Latvia)

4. Presenter Name:  Grazina Likpetriene, Radviliskis Art school (Lithuania)

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Playlist of Learning Revolution Conference Keynotes 2014 

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