Yesterday I was on lesson about Latvia manorhouses building history. Lector was in Latvia famous and aware art scientist Imants Lansmanis.
It happen in Durbe manorhause, near small city Tukums, about 60 km from Riga.

Durbes manorhaus – beautiful small tipical for WestLatvia, build in 18th century, clasicismus style.
Today here is situated museum.
By the way to Riga I go out the train for look how is on seaside in this cold winter days.

I would like share with you my impressions :-)

Durbes pils – Durbe manorhouse, build in 18th century, clasicismus style.

Inside the Durbe manorhouse

on lesson

saal enfilade

luxurious chandelier and ceiling rosette

doors, luxurious oven, pilasters, wall color in light shade

view over Tukums

another view ... something from Breugel ...

clasicismus style pavilion in park

and it is me :-) sorry ... since I see this pavilion last time, it was beautiful renoviert ... what i see today - with all that graffiti ... i feel disappointed

Some lonely pictures from seaside in Majori
time – about between 15.00 and 16.00

lonely cold sunset

strange view ... on summer here are LOT of people

no people no birds no boats no coctails no sand palaces ...

! only two snow cats looking on sunset ...

very serious cats ...

very serious cats looking on sunset ...

lonely cats ...

above the horizont line like a mirage - Riga seagate ... 23 km from here

Enjoy :-)
fotos made on 19th January, 2010

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Commentaire de Lauma le 6 février 2010 à 23:19
As always - FANTASTIC! :)
tā turēt! :))
Commentaire de Marianne Mabille le 24 janvier 2010 à 20:22
OH, very nice pictures, gorgious classical style, with a bit of sorrow in the sunset, but with humour too (icy cats looking to the sea). But I'd better your look on the Bruegelian landscape. What culture does for us, is to give historical deepness, weight of beauty and poetry to anything we live. Keys for understanding the world all around, and friendly thoughts to our cultural roots. Thank you so much!
Commentaire de Vincent Mespoulet le 20 janvier 2010 à 20:13
yeah i'm impressed too, by the beauty of the manor and of the cool snow tigers :)
Commentaire de Liene le 20 janvier 2010 à 14:23
Wou, Tanja SUPER BILDES!! :)

Very nice pictures! Great!! :)


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