I wanna tell you a story.

A story about the road.

A story which starts with glory

And sudden turns to cloud.


It was a cold cold night of February

And the starts were shining low

The  forest was out of berries

And the girl was about to show.

A lady was lying in a white bed

As the man been creating a plan

To get his stomach fed,

To take the carrots out of sand.

The girl came fast and proudly

The lady was about to smile

As girl started crying loudly

And the man took his time.

In few years the girl turned to bear

And the lady didn’t know what to wear

‘Cause the girl was out of norms

Including all the sunny storms.


Now she is a small and complicated lady

Wondering how she became out of baby

Who always used to wear in red

But now only in the black shed. 

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