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Le 3 janvier 2010 à 15:52, Vincent Mespoulet a dit...
Happy New Year and Happy Birtday Or-Tal ! The best for you and your family for 2010 !
Le 5 mars 2009 à 23:25, Stacie Matthews a dit...
quest_protege.docQuelles sont les motivations des enseignants à participer au réseau l’École Hors les Murs?

Dans le cadre de la maîtrise en Éducation à l’Université d’Ottawa (Canada), nous avons choisi d’étudier votre communauté d’apprentissage en ligne, l’École Hors les Murs, dans le but de connaître, comprendre et évaluer les motivations des participants à utiliser ce genre d’outil. Ainsi, pour nous aider dans notre recherche, nous vous serions gré de prendre environ cinq minutes afin de répondre rapidement au questionnaire ci-dessous. Votre participation est précieuse !!!

Nous apprécierions beaucoup que vous répondiez au questionnaire avant le 12 mars 2009. Le rapport final de notre recherche sera publié sous forme de billet sur le site de l’École Hors les Murs au mois d’avril 2009.

Merci de votre précieuse collaboration!

François Carrière
Isabelle Ladouceur
Stacie Matthews

Afin de bien répondre au questionnaire, nous vous demandons de suivre les consignes suivantes :

A) Cochez vos réponses (questions 1, 3 et 8) et écrivez votre texte (questions 2, 4, 5, 6, et 7).
B) Sauvegardez le questionnaire dans un fichier et envoyez-le à l’adresse
Le 2 juillet 2008 à 12:28, davinca a dit...
Hi Or-Tal,
Kiriati (greek background?) ~ sorry for my late and short reply; as I am very busy at the moment I just wanna say I will check out more of your contributions to our common networks and go in deeply; surely a one-sided view is never helpful and I am very eager to get through the jungle of informations and I am quite good in that - at least I feel I am on the right way ...

see you soon ...
Le 4 juin 2008 à 14:58, Or-Tal Kiriati a dit...
View my latest blog post on education titled "Walk backwards into the future"
Le 1 juin 2008 à 19:14, Laura a dit...
Hi thanks for the invitation! Your project is very interesting, I'm not currently have students of school age but I wish I had to join your community :-)
Le 26 mai 2008 à 17:43, Vincenzina Pace a dit...
Hi, Or-Tal, this is the link of MAV page (Pompei & Ercolano) in english :)
j'espère qu'il va bien satisfaire ton fils :)
Le 19 mai 2008 à 19:48, AxeL a dit...
j'ai trouvé les cartes sur internet ça n'est pas moi qui les ai dessinées mais merci pour vos compliments. Salut à Nir.
Le 1 mai 2008 à 15:45, shanie a dit...
oh, I see, crimson color, is it used a lot in your there? hehe, I am must be much bigger than your niece. I am Big Shanie. :P
Le 30 avril 2008 à 14:05, AxeL a dit...
no I don't speak English. j'apprends avec Ellen.
Au collège j'apprends l'Allemand et le latin.
Pour te comprendre j'utiliserai le translator.see you soon!!!!
Le 28 avril 2008 à 16:36, shanie a dit...
Hello there :) ( I thought you were a child, you have a baby face :P )
yes, My name is Shanie, it comes from " Shania", when I use it as my msn id name, I made a mistook that wrote "a" as " e", I have no idea what it means either, but I like it. what does "Shanie" mean in Hebrew language? I really want to know.
Or-Tal, Nice to meet you. ( I first see this kind of name, Franch or Israeli name?)
Le 12 avril 2008 à 16:46, ddeubel a dit...

Glad to know you are doing your best to "figure it out". So much of teaching is about "comfort" and that's the problem. Each generation transforms really beautiful progress into something which will "accomodate" their own mindset/paradigm. Thus, it is one step forward , two steps back. I wish it was the case as the French say, "reculez pour mieux sauter" but it isn't. Most of what we see especially in technology is really pillow talk.....

You are right to do a lot of preliminary "digestion" on the ground level. But if you develop anything of use, you have to by-pass the powers that be. You really have to. Go through the back door, think creatively. Profit? Well there is easy govt money but little "effect". Just spin wheel and not enough sparkplug.

If I had a dollar for all the "start ups" that I've talked to, I'd be rich. Really. But it is enriching work but most don't "get it" , the learning part. What makes learning happen. I'm happy you realize the power of branding -- very important with "tribal" youth. Further, you should look into the very wide open window of opportunity for EFL. That's my thing but it really will be under great demand and need. The supply side has yet to get its act together.......

NIce to meet you and I've yet read through your blog posts. I'll try (I will - prefer that word!) and respond shortly..... cheers,

Le 18 mars 2008 à 10:43, pablo.i a dit...
my name's pablo how old are you
Le 12 mars 2008 à 14:31, Vincent Mespoulet a dit...
Hi Or-Tal, you know a good thing to share: hebrew poetry :) I woul like you create for us a voki-poem, or at least you give us a choice of hebrew poems: i think i have some hebrew poems in french: would be fantastic if you give us the original one in hebrew :)
Le 12 mars 2008 à 12:17, Or-Tal Kiriati a dit...
Happy to be here and hope to give ...
Le 11 mars 2008 à 17:16, Vincent Mespoulet a dit...
Welcome to you Or-Tal and thank you to share with us about global awareness in education: you'll find a group about Education to Peace with many resources in english and french about Israel and Palestine. Have a nice day !


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